Bite Me Immune Support 240ml


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Bite Me Immune Support is an all natural blend of rich Manuka Honey, organic apple cider vinegar, ancient ginger root, lime and lemon juice combined with an array of secret spices including turmeric and cayenne pepper. This all-natural tonic recipe has been passed down through the generations and contains organic ingredients.

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Bite Me Immune Support is an all-natural blend of rich Manuka honey, organic apple cider vinegar, ginger root, lime and lemon juice combined with cayenne pepper and turmeric. This all-natural tonic is a family recipe which has passed down the generations and contains organic ingredients. The natural healing properties found in each individual ingredient can reduce the severity of coughs and colds.

Bite Me Immune Support uses only the most purest of natural ingredients sourced from New Zealand. We have perfected our family elixir to share with the world. Apple Cider Vinegar has never been so delicious – Bite Me Immune Support.

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5 reviews for Bite Me Immune Support 240ml

  1. C.Reed

    A believer! After a week in Hong Kong and another in Japan, multiple flights, low sleep hours and scores of meetings.  I returned home healthy and ready to go after the jet lag wore off. Sniffles free and feeling great due to 3 times/day Bite Me.

  2. Barbora Mayer

    I was recommended Bite Me by a friend to help with a stubborn head cold. The taste was very natural and pleasant and I believe the healing properties of the ingredients contributed to me getting better faster. I have since recommended it to my friends.

  3. Marcy LaRont

    I love Bite Me. When I get a cold, it usually lasts for over 2 weeks and goes into my chest. A few weeks ago, I could feel a bad one coming on. I took Bite Me 3x/day for a week. I swear it cut my cold time in half and it never made it to my chest. I love this stuff!

  4. A. Lupis

    Love Bite Me, I take it daily to keep me healthy.

  5. Matt LaRont

    I take it when I feel a cold coming, and it always shortens the cold and makes it less severe. Great product – I would highly recommend it.

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