JiuJiu Vodka 750ml


Alcoholic 40% ABV

Jiu Jiu Vodka with 22.5 Carat edible gold leaf in the shape of numbers. What’s your lucky number ?

Silver Medal Winner San Francisco World Spirits Competition (SFWSC) 2017.

“Products awarded a Silver medal are outstanding in their category. They show refinement, finesse, and complexity. They are among the best examples of their particular category.” SFWSC

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Jiu Jiu Vodka is made by combining triple distilled, charcoal filtered grain alcohol with spring water from Golden Bay’s Te Waikoropupu.  The Te Waikoropupu Springs is the clearest spring water in the world, visible up to 62 meters. The result of this simple yet magical mixture is the world’s purest Vodka.

The New Zealand department of conservation sign at the entrance to the springs reads:

“Te Waikoropupu Springs are a taonga (treasure) and waahi tapu (a sacred place) for Māori, both locally and nationally. The legends of Te Waikoropupu are told in the stories of Huriawa, its taniwha (guardian spirit). In Māori tradition the Springs are waiora, the purest form of water which is the wairua (spiritual) and the physical source of life.”

Tasting notes:

Aroma – There is a subtle sweetness in the air reminiscent of Vanilla followed by grapefruit and pear finishes.

Palate – An initial swish of fresh peppermint will wake your taste-buds followed by mild undertones of tobacco sweetness offering a crisp and smooth finish.

Mouth feel – Deep viscosity creates a silky exchange that slides over the lips to fill the mouth and illuminates the taste-buds.

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Dimensions 8.4 x 8.4 x 34.3 cm
Reviews (7)

7 reviews for JiuJiu Vodka 750ml

  1. Really impressed by Jiu jiu, I tried it neat and wow so smooth.

  2. So smooth I drink it with sushi !

    Mike J.

  3. The perfect vodka – citrus bouquet on the nose, smooth long finish on the palette and real viscosity the way vodka’s were supposed to be made.

    Jonathan B.

  4. Jiu Jiu is a smooth, flavorful vodka with a subtly and complexity I never thought I would find in vodka. Martini’s will not be the same for me again. Experience it neat or on the rocks and it will change your perception of vodka.

    Chris C.

  5. Great beverage.  Love it.  My wife hates vodka and she liked it, I was shocked.


  6. Great Vodka, definitely a fan !

  7. Smooth, robust, perfect for sipping or mixing. my go-to vodka and wish all my favorite bars were stocking it already

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