Sharing the purity of Golden Bay’s artesian waters and
crafting global brands for sophisticated sippers and savours.

Golden Bay Distillery Ltd.

Situated in the beautiful Golden Bay area of New Zealand’s South Island – an entire world away from the hustle and bustle of city life – sits a distillery that blends the finest ingredients on earth with time-honored distilling methods. This is New Zealand’s Golden Bay Distillery, and it’s here that you’ll find authentically made, hand-crafted natural and preservative-free spirits, sustainably sourced.
At Golden Bay Distillery, we have one mission: to bring the perfection of Golden Bay’s artesian spirits to global sophisticated sippers and savors. We do this by focusing on small batch and handcrafted spirits. Of course, our dedication to sustainability also drives what we do. When we look around Golden Bay, we realize we have more than a responsibility we have an obligation to keep it beautiful.

Natural, Preservative – free and Organic Spirits


Most of everything we consume, from the food we eat to the very air we breathe, is full of chemicals. Many of our food and beverages have additives, colorings and other chemicals. We want to help change this, so that’s why we established Golden Bay Distillery to produce the best natural, preservative-free spirits in the world. Master Distiller Terry Knight uses only all-natural ingredients and the “clearest spring water in the world”. One sip of our pristine spirits, and you’ll understand just how important these ingredients are in creating the finest alcohol in the world.
We also endeavor to ensure everything from our ingredient sourcing to packaging is low impact on the world around us. This combined with our artisanal distillation methods explain why we’ve gained a global fan base. Not to mention the clean, smooth taste that you’ll come to love.

Introducing our quality products made from all-natural ingredients and the clearest spring water in the world


Jiu Jiu Vodka is made by combining triple distilled, charcoal filtered grain alcohol with spring water from Golden Bay’s crystal clear aquifier.
The result of this simple yet magical mixture is the world’s purest Vodka.


JiuJiu Vodka Supreme, 50% ABV, is made with the same traditional triple distilling process as our 40% label. We combine triple distilled charcoal filtered grain alcohol with spring water from Golden Bay’s crystal clear aquifier. We have created the Supreme for people who prefer a stronger spirit with a more robust flavour and taste. Perfect for people who like a very dry Martini.


Non Alcoholic

Bite Me Immune Support is an all natural blend of rich Manuka Honey, organic apple cider vinegar, ancient ginger root, lime and lemon juice combined with cayenne pepper and turmeric. Tall-naturalural tonic is a family recipe which has passed down the generations and contains organic ingredients.

Honeybell Spritzer – Coming Soon

Honeybell is a citrus spritzer distilled from Honeybell Tangelo’s, Manuka honey and then combined with spring water from Golden Bay’s crystal clear aquifer.


Non Alcoholic

Maori believe that water is an energy, and has many moods. It can be calm and provide life, it can possess great power and strength. This energy is known as Tangaroa, translated to ‘God of the sea’. Experience our unique water sourced from one of the world’s purest aquifers and be taken on a journey of discovery and wonder. From the land of The Long White Cloud comes Kiwi Aqua artesian water.

Meet the Team that inspire and create


We believe discerning purveyors of fine spirits deserve small batch, handcrafted product, the best quality ingredients and the earth deserves

a sustainable approach towards showing off its natural beauty.  This hands on approach can only be done by artisanal distilleries like us.


Paul Andersson

CEO and Co-Founder

Nikola Andersson

COO and Co-Founder

Terry Knight

Master Distiller and Co-Founder


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